6 Best ways to grow New Brain Power And Stay Focus

ways to grow New Brain Power

1. Exercise

See, I’ve previously discussed exercise extensively. You must have noticed that the bodies of all the successful and happy individuals on our planet stay fit.

6 Best ways to grow New Brain Power And Stay Focus

Because “a fit mind can only exist in a healthy body.” When you exercise, your blood circulation increases, which not only cleanses your brain of toxins (poison particles) and negative chemicals, but it also produces strong compounds. “BDNF” stands for “brain-derived neurotrophic factor.” My friends, you cannot eliminate stress from your life. Stress is such a poison that many of our brain’s cells die, degrade, and are destroyed. However, BDNF heals those brain cells, restoring the memory, intellect, or cognitive capacity that we have lost.

2. Learning something new

This is also a sign of successful individuals; they are always learning.

Learning something new

That is why, anytime you Learn something new, read a book, listen to superb audio, or view an educational “blog post,” a large portion of your brain is stimulated. Because that understanding (knowledge) has to be absorbed. As a result, numerous neurotypical meaning chemicals (chemicals that grow nerve cells) are produced in our brain, increasing not only the size of our brain but also the functioning effectiveness of all the neurons.


3. Stress Management

Friends, As I previously said, when we are stressed, it kills our brain cells.

Stress Management - focuszon

When you control your stress, the brain damage produced by stress ends. Stress is such a major issue that every year crores of rupees are wasted due to stress in our economy and the economies of other nations. To conclude, you may do “Yoga Nindra,” “Deep Breathing,” go on a stroll in nature, or take a short rest between tasks.

You may practice meditation or stress meditation. Friends, “Meditation” is a method that is also used at “Harvard University,” where students get frequent “Meditation” since it has a direct influence on stress reduction.

4. Good sleep

If we do not get enough “sleep,” the effects are serious. “Sleep” is the process by which all metabolic waste created in our bodies, as well as any poison or toxin, is cleared. Aside from that, all of the cells in our brain get their gas (neurotransmitter) refilled, allowing our brain’s automobile to go quicker – ways to grow New Brain Power

Good sleep - focuszon
 If we do not get enough sleep, this poison will collect in our brain and progressively damage it. On the contrary, if we get enough sleep, not only will this bad chemical, this poison leaves our body, but it will also enhance the neurotypical components that maintain our brain healthy, all of which secrete on their own. And the brain will grow in strength.

5. Age

“Age” is a process that causes our brain cells to naturally diminish.

Age - focuszon

That is why, as we age, we get “Alzheimer’s (memory loss)” illness. But, friends, there is a break in this; if you continue to use all of these strategies, it has been shown that people can perform well even in “old age.”

5. Diet

There have been a lot of studies done on food and drink so far. However, I have not seen anybody in India who is aware of it. Our brain is composed of “white matter” (cerebroside) and “grey matter” (ganglioside). White matter is fat composed of fat. The important thing to remember here is that if you consume “omega 3 fatty acids” in your diet, your brain cells will grow.

Diet - Focuszon
Likewise, if you consume saturated fat (Dalda Ghee, Butter), your brain will suffer.
Olive oil is also beneficial to the brain. Aside from that, you may take vitamin supplements and consume citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or grapes to help your brain cells flourish. – ways to grow New Brain Power

If you consume more “fried” or “roasted” foods, you will not only harm your liver but also your brain.
When you “fast,” your stomach rests, and the “excess blood” that decreased for the stomach now works for the brain, with the benefit that your brain cells continue to expand.


This is the kind of blog article that, if practised for 1-2 months in everyday life, would undoubtedly bring about extraordinary improvements in your life. Friends, changing your brain means changing your life, and changing your life means changing the image of the nation and the globe. If you like this blog post, then please share it with your needy friends. – ways to grow New Brain Power


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