Here are The Reasons Why Most People Fail at MEDITATION?

The Reasons Why Most People Fail at MEDITATION

The Reasons Why Most People Fail at MEDITATION

This indicates that if you want to do anything in life, whether it is to become a good leader, shine your advocacy, get money, or obtain power, you must do anything. Concentration, confidence, and energy will be required.

So yet, there is no “known source” on the planet that can provide greater energy than “meditation” and concentration. Let us now examine those reasons.

1. Lack of Concentration

If you leave a piece of paper in the sunlight, nothing happens, but if you concentrate sunlight on it using a lens, the paper begins to burn; this is the power of concentration.

Our abilities are dispersed, but if you focus on your mental force, you can do any miracle in the world.  , “concentration” is the ability that distinguishes humans from animals, since only people can “focus” their brains.

I also want to warn you that meditation is “going within,” “watching the chaos spread inside you.” When you witness this, an automated system is formed, since darkness can never stand in the way of light.

you must recognize that there is a world outside of you. You now have a flashlight, but it has a limitation: it can only see up to 2-3 meters away. You won’t be able to see anything so far out; if you want to view anything 2 or 3 kilometers away, you’ll need to bring a huge torch or a searchlight.

A similar situation exists here; the world outside us is shallow, but great illumination is required to view the world inside us. The “light of awareness” or “light of consciousness” that is required should be at the highest degree.

That is to say, your attention should be strong; only then will you be able to join the realm of what is happening within. Because there is depth here, there is depth here, and this globe is so large, you should first strive to improve your focus.

Our issue today is that, as a result of the use of mobile devices and technology, our focus or attention span has decreased to 7-8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. Friends, I’m going to tell you about several methods for regaining your focus.

Best ways to improve concentration:

FOCUS:- Above a certain point, we focus our attention. As a result, the dispersing of our brain’s capabilities ceases, and we can once again concentrate our minds.

SITTING SILENTLY:- Today, we live in a world where technology is always with us, whether it be T.V. Whether it’s a newspaper, a talk with friends, a video call, or a cell phone call. when you keep away from these topics and sit in solitude, no one is there to call your thoughts from the outside. In such a scenario, your mind becomes naturally quiet and focused. When the mind refuses to leave, it is natural for the mind to enter; as a result, you will enter profound meditation.

SITTING IN NATURE:- Our bodies and minds are made up of these parts: “Chiti, Jal, Pavak, Gagan, and Samira.” This is what created our world or nature, and there are many of these components in nature. When we get there, we find the missing component in ourselves. The element’s store is automatically replenished, and our concentration improves. You will obtain a perfect outcome if you try it yourself. Perhaps this is why individuals who became sages or Mahatmas liked to live near nature.


When the brain of a “drug addict” is researched, various receptors on their body, in their brain, and in that body are discovered. These receptors are responsible for the body’s intense desire for that substance. It is so severe and powerful that a person gets powerless and abandons everything to obtain that substance or medication. you should realize that if we are also hooked in this way, the chemical in question is “Dopamine.”


Dopamine” is a chemical that is released in our bodies when we complete a job; because of “Dopamine,” we get “Inspired Feel,” “Motivated Feel,” and yes, it is a Feel Good chemical.

it is also important to understand that several activities cause “Dopamine” to be produced instantly, such as drinking, gambling, staring at a phone, fighting with friends, and chatting.

Understand this: when you are hooked to these activities, your brain will operate at a high “Dopamine” level; he has been used to Dopamine, which is why when you perform any dull or similar activity in which “Dopamine” comes out less, your brain will say no, I want “High Dopamine.”

Bring me that, and you’ll be back on the phone, or going shopping, or engaging in some other habit; maybe this is why, if a youngster is given a mobile phone to play with for a long time and then told to study, his “attention is not in studies.”

“Meditation” is such a procedure, in which we go beyond ideas, in which we curb the brain and how will your brain take it?

Dopamine Detox:- So, if you wish to escape, practice “Dopamine Detox” from your head.  if your brain does not get “Dopamine” for an extended period, the brain eventually forgets it, and whatever intoxication occurred, those dangerous compounds are released.

Mobile Fasting:- Then your mind will begin to “mediate,” and for this, you must fast from mobile phones once a week, refrain from using technology for a whole day, and turn off your phone. Every day, you remain away from your phone for 1-2 hours; afterward, you may check notifications and respond to them.

When you do this, you will notice that the negative chemical state inside you has shifted positively, and you will be able to delve fully into “meditation.”

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3. Lack of a friend or Mentor

It has been claimed that if you want to walk quickly, you should walk alone. If you wish to walk for a long time, walk with a buddy or in a group. We can chat about the activity we like for a long time, such as watching a movie, and we don’t grow bored of doing it since we have a partner to do it with. Yes, there is a pal.

Similarly, when you bring such people with you who encourage you to meditate, motivate you to meditate, offer you such literature, and chat with you so that you are inspired to meditate. If there are, you will eventually get used to this as well.

You should be aware that our environment has a significant impact on our brains. Someone once gave me a great metaphor: “If you add sugar and lentils to a carrot, it becomes marmalade; if you add salt and lemon to it, it becomes pickle; in the same way, there are two directions.”

You must surround yourself with individuals who encourage you to “mediate,” who feel like it, and who have good intentions. Friends, I cannot be your guru who sits above you and lectures you on meditation.


So those are some of the methods for increasing our meditation capacity. If you have any questions about this, please leave them in the comments area. Thank you very much.

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