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How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

How to break limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs - focuszon

Have you ever had an experience? Despite our best efforts, we are often unable to complete any tasks. At the same time, other individuals do not even work as hard as we do, yet they are still far ahead of us. So the reason for this is that we all have the Belief System, as a result of which we have set a limit in our minds that we cannot go beyond, fly more than this, walk more than this, earn more than this, and so on.

What is a Limiting belief?

Such false thoughts do not permit us to succeed; they bind our feet and prevent us from moving ahead. Before 1953, it was thought that no one could climb Mount Everest; many people attempted to climb it several times; during this endeavour, some individuals retreated in despair due to being unable to finish the climb; and many people died. Tenjin and Norgay conquered this mountain one day, breaking this limitless belief. Following that, every year a large number of people easily ascend this summit.
Prior to 2010, it was thought that no one could achieve a double century in day cricket. Players used to reach approximately 200, but they would leave as soon as they did. However, in 2010, Sachin Tendulkar hit 200 runs. What happened back then? Sehwag followed suit the next year. This accomplishment was repeated six times over the following five years by different players. Because once the limiting notion that was keeping him from accomplishing something large was shattered, everyone found this activity to be incredibly simple.
Before 1875, no swimmer had crossed the English Channel, but “Matthew Webb” achieved it, breaking the limiting belief wall once again, and maybe this is why there is a lengthy list of persons who have crossed the English Channel today.

What says Neuroscience?

According to neuroscience, each of our ideas causes a vibration in the neuron, a movement, and the formation of new neural connections, which we name a synapse; similarly, each belief causes the formation of a unique permanent neuronal pathway or pattern. Our universe is made up of these neuropathways. It was formerly thought that these synapses or patterns could not be altered. However, anything is now feasible.

Scientific research

Science has shown that our ideas build these neuropathways for our reality and that we can modify these neuropathways with our thoughts. This is how interpret it. When you are unable to do any task, you check in your limiting beliefs to see whether anybody else has completed the task, and when you discover that no one else has, you relax. And you believe I’m incapable of doing it.

Because you think in your mind that this task is tough, I lack the ability to do it. Your belief will build a unique neural pattern in your brain, and this pattern will now govern your motivation, thinking ability, and behaviour. Because our actions determine our outcomes, if you want to achieve tremendous success or do anything significant, you must overcome your limited thinking. Friends, let us now discuss how we may alter our beliefs.

How we can change our beliefs?

What is your plan if you want to start a large company? , I can’t do it, it’s too tough, and I’m not worth it. Let’s start by identifying one of these beliefs. “I can’t,” for example, and mentally test this idea. In other words, ask your mind why I can’t accomplish this. As soon as your mind attempts to discover an explanation, it will notice that it is not receiving any solid justification, and your mind will realize that this belief or this belief is incorrect. Along with this, the mind will begin looking for references or instances of others like you who have done this task effortlessly.

In this manner, you will be able to break down the wall of restricted thinking that you have erected in Minto. keep in mind that the day your religion changes, your world changes as well. , this is probably what you’re thinking right now: does anything change so quickly? But bear in mind that this is also a wall of limiting thinking that you must knock down. Begin by identifying your limiting beliefs and changing them one at a time. Massive power, success, riches, and excellent health are all waiting for you. Simply break free from this suffocating idea and begin exploring the skies. our goal is to provide stuff that will help you succeed and transform your life.


I hope you enjoyed this blog article; after reading it, you should have gained a better understanding of how we might overcome our limiting ideas. Share it with the needy ones. THANK YOU

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