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How to study online? 5+ Best Way Ever!

How To Study Online?

How To Study Online - Focuszon

How to study online from home? People keep asking this question often. Maybe you want to know the same. That’s why you are reading this article. That is why in this article how to study online has been told. Do you know how to study online? Some people even ask Google how to study Google online. If you have also come here to know the answer to this question. Then let me tell you that you have come to the right place. Because here in this article, how to study online, complete information about studying online has been explained in detail. So read this article till the end.

Because after reading this article only once, you will get complete information about the online study. Like how to study online, where is an online education, and what is apps and websites to study online. Along with this, the advantages and disadvantages of online education have also been made aware. Apart from this, we have also told some tips in this article. Which will help you while studying online. Generally, some such questions related to online studies have been answered in this article. The questions which must be running in your mind are as follows;-

  • How to study online?
  • how to study online
  • how to study from home
  • How to study from mobile?
  • How to Study Online?
  • How to study online on Jio Phone?

If you are a student. Then this question must have come to your mind at some point or the other. Usually, this question comes to the mind of those people. Those who are not able to bear the expenses of coaching or studying from any institute. Or they do not want to go anywhere outside to do the course of their choice. Whatever the reason. If you also want to study online. But you don’t know how to study online. Then you can rest assured. Because in this article all the questions going on in your mind related to online studies have been told. So definitely read this article till the end.

What is Online Study?
Online study is called online study by a device like a computer or mobile and through the Internet. This is a digital way of learning. Which is becoming very popular nowadays.

Everything was closed on lockdown, school, college. In such a situation, students should pay attention to online study. Due to this online education started becoming popular. The government is also promoting online study. Many universities and colleges are providing all the course material on their website. So that students can do their studies from them and also prepare for the exam. A few months ago, classes 9th and 10th were being taught on DD Bihar (TV Channel). But this is not online learning. Because there is no internet access in it.

Simply put, reading or learning something through the Internet is called online learning. Online study is also called online learning. In this type of study, students and teachers or trainers never face to face, but both live at their respective places of residence (eg; home). In this learning system, teachers or trainers deliver lectures and notes to students through the Internet. Students use mobile or computers to listen to these lectures and read notes. In this way, studies are done through lectures and notes.

But technology like Live Chat, Group Discussion, and Video Conferencing is used for any kind of doubt, problem in understanding the lecture, or to ask any question to the teacher. That is, classroom quality is available sitting at home. Online learning was going on for a long time. Many people used to study from it. But nowadays it has become more popular. How to study online? Before knowing what is called online study. It was necessary to know.

But do you know what is required to study online? For your information, let us tell you that for online studies, only one of the devices should be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet connectivity. If you have any of these devices with an internet connection. Then you can study online. Let’s read how to study online.

How To Study Online?

There are many resources available to study online in today’s generation. Just need to use that resource to study. We will show you how you can use the resources available on the Internet to study. YouTube, Google, and Google Play Store are popular platforms. YouTube is a video streaming platform. On which thousands of lectures (Videos) of your studies will be found. Millions of information (Articles, Notes, PDFs, Photos) about your studies will be found on Google. At the same time, on the Google Play Store, you will find millions of learning apps.

But you should know what is the best way to study online. Because most of the resources available on the Internet are Fake. Here we will talk about reliable and high-quality resources. Those people who don,t have money to study, they can also read from the resource mentioned here. Because some resources are free. But here we will give information about both Free and Paid resources. Because we aim to tell the best way. Before you start studying online, you should know the following things. like;

  • Which class to study or which course do you want to do?
  • In which language do you want to study your course? Hindi or English, will be better.
  • You must know the syllabus of your class or course. You can also download your course syllabus from Google.

Study on Youtube:

YouTube is one of the best methods of online study. You must be using YouTube every day. Everybody does. But not everyone knows that they can study any class, subject, or course through YouTube. So let us tell you that this is the best way to study online. Through this, you can do any kind of course. As you must be aware that YouTube is a video streaming platform. That’s why you can study from here by watching Videos (Lecture).

Which will make it easy for you to understand. Its biggest advantage is that whatever you will read or learn here will be free. Whatever you want to study or learn. Search that topic on YouTube. After that, your study videos will be in front of you. Which you can watch and read from it. Like if you are in the 9th class. Then you search 9th class math chapter 1 to read the first chapter of Math. Many videos will come after searching. In which there will be the lecture of the first chapter. You can read it by looking at it. You can use Comment to ask.

  • Although most don’t respond to comments. Similarly, many teachers on YouTube teach by opening their channels. You can read those videos by watching them for free. Below we have mentioned the name of the channel of some popular teachers. who teach well. You must watch their channel once. 

Note:- I suggest that you read any subject from any one teacher. This will make it easier for you to understand. For this, you have to subscribe to their channel. Whose video (lecture) do you like. You subscribe to their channel. Or there is also a Tutorial on a Particular Topic or Subject. Which is on the channel’s Play List.

  • Crash Course
  • Khan Academy
  • Applied Science
  • Ted-Ed
  • Edutopia
  • Enrich Minds
  • Tiwari Academy
  • Pebbles CBSE Board Syllabus
  • Vedantu JEE
  • Unacademy UPSC Hindi
  • Khan GS Research Centre
  • Facenob University

Study from Learning Blog/Website:

In today’s time, many blogs and websites have been created for teaching on the Internet. But I know you will not be aware of those websites. Some websites and blogs also provide higher-class education. The information which we have given below. Complete resources related to studies are available on these websites. Some website gives Free Learning Service, some give Paid Learning Service. At the same time, some websites have both Free and Paid Learning services.

With some websites, you can do higher degrees online sitting at home; You can also study Graduation, Post Graduation, etc. This type of website takes exams after learning and also gives certificates. That is, such a website provides Certification courses. The value of these certificates is equal to the certificate received from a university. But on doing it from the right website like Upgrade and Coursera etc. Here we are telling the name of some Top Educational Blog.

You can study for free from these blogs. You can download notes together. But we have mentioned the educational website below.

Study with Learning Apps:

Thousands of learning websites have been made in today’s Time. Similarly, nowadays apps are also available in thousands of numbers. Especially the learning website which is good. They also make Their app. As above we have told you about Upgrade and Coursera website. Diploma, Graduation, Post Graduation, MBA, etc degrees can be done from this website sitting at home. This website also has an app. With which you can study these degrees.

There are many such apps. We have mentioned some top learning apps below. You can get any kind of education from Learning App. To obtain the degree, one had to go abroad earlier. But today you can get these degrees sitting at home. Whose value does not decrease? Some Learning Apps are Free, some Learning Apps are Paid. At the same time, some apps are both free and paid. Such apps offer some courses for free. The rest of the courses are paid for only.

Study with Notes, PDF and eBook:

You must have heard the name of PDF, Notes, and eBook. You might have even used it. All three are a type of file format. In which all the information about the particular topic is there. This is also a method of online education. In which you do not need to search again and again. After downloading only once, you can study well. an eBook is an electronic book. Which is like a normal book. Only its format is electronic.

That is, now you do not even need to buy a book. You can download the eBook. You can use an app called ePathshala to download eBooks from class 1st to class 12th for free. This is a government app. Which you can install on your phone from Play Store. There are many other types of educational resources available in ePathshala. Apart from this, you can also download Notes, PDFs and eBooks, etc. by searching Google.

Notes, PDF, or eBook of any class or course you want. Search has to be done by writing these names at the end of his name. After which Google shows the respective result. From where you can download. For example, if the notes of class 10th Physics are needed. Then you have to search by writing 10th Class Physics Notes. You can also write the language in it. So that the notes of the specific language are received. like; 10th Class Physics Notes in Hindi or 10th Class Physics Notes in English etc.

Study From Wikipedia:

You must have known Wikipedia and you must also know that Wikipedia helps us a lot in our studies. We use it in studies for a long. For those who don’t know what Wikipedia is? Let them know that Wikipedia is a free and open encyclopedia. Which is made up of contributions from people from all over the world. It is a multilingual platform. Which is written in many languages. That is, you can use it in any language according to you.

Wikipedia’s website and app are both available. You can study by any means. You can install the Wikipedia app on your phone from Google Play Store. Or you can also start studying from the website. Articles in this are written by people from all over the world. Like if you want to read “Ohm’s law”. Then you have to go to the Wikipedia app or website and search for Ohm’s law in the search bar. After that, the result related to Ohm’s law will be shown. By reading this one can understand Ohm’s law very well. Wikipedia helps a lot in studies.

Study at Unacademy:

Unacademy is a popular and best learning app. With which you can crack any kind of exam. It usually includes CBSE, Maharashtra States Board, Jee, Neet, IIT, SSC, UPSC, and Govt. Preparation is done for EXAM, GATE, NET, TET, Entrance Exam, CA, etc. Apart from this, many types of courses can also be done. It is an Indian education technology company based in Bangalore. Which was started in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh.

With this, you can prepare for the Academic to Competitive Exam. Here you have all types of Courses and Study Materials available for exam preparation. Various Free and Paid Courses are provided by experienced and capable Educators for their preparation. This is India’s Best Learning Platform. If you are experienced and capable in any subject. Then you can earn money by becoming an Educator on this platform.

Study With Live Webinar:

Live Webinar is made up of two words. Live and Webinar. Webinar means Online Meeting, Presentation, or Seminar from the Internet. Here the word Webinar is also made up of two words. Web and Seminar. The true meaning of a Webinar is Online Event. which is transmitted through the Internet. Which people watch from a device like their computer or smartphone. The main purpose of organizing a webinar can be education, business meeting, or any other purpose.

The biggest advantage of a webinar is that a webinar does not require space to hold people. At the same time, the event is held live in a Live Webinar. Organizing in Live Webinar is mainly of Study, Business Meetings, Training, etc. A Webinar Platform or Software is used to organize the webinar. You can do many types of online seminars through Webinar Platform or Software. like; presentations, Online Classes, Meetings, Training, Promotion, etc.

Webinar software like Google Meet, Zoom and Skype is mostly used. In a Live Webinar, the host teaches you all the information about that topic’s lives. After knowing so much about Live Webinar, you must have probably understood how to study in Live Webinar. You must have heard about the online classroom. There are many such online classrooms running today. Think of an online classroom as an offline classroom (coaching). It is taught in the same way.

The only difference is that one has to go to some place (institute) to study in an offline classroom. Whereas in an online classroom everyone connects from their respective place (home) through a computer or smartphone and learning starts. Online Classroom takes place through a Live Webinar. To join this, you have to pay like coaching. Most of the coaching institutes started online classrooms after the coaching stopped in the lockdown. If you haven’t started coaching.

Then you can ask to start by talking to your Coaching Director. There are many types of facilities in Live Webinar. Due to this, you will be able to do online classes very easily and also ask your doubts.

Online Study Website:

Learning website is the main method of studying online. There are many learning websites on the internet. How to study online from Learning Website. We have given the information above. Here we have told Top Learning Website. So let’s know about the popular educational website.

Online Study Tips.

If you are going to study online. Then you must follow the tips given below. This will work to improve your online studies.

1. Create Time Table:

You must be aware that there is a lot of such material available online. So that we can entertain ourselves. Because of this nowadays everyone is busy with mobile and computer. You too must be busy. That’s why it is important to make a timetable for how long you are going to study. Otherwise, you will waste the whole day on your mobile or computer. When you don’t make Time Table. Then you don’t know when you will read. That’s why Time Table is important. From the Time Table, you will feel that now it is your time to study. So that you will leave all the work and start reading. Make the Time Table clean and complete. So that you can understand what to do in this Time Table. I suggest that you make a separate timetable for each subject. You can give time to each subject according to your convenience.

2. Be in Disciplined:

To be disciplined means to be sure of your timetable. Like if you have made a timetable that you have to study at 8 am. Then at 8 o’clock, there should be no more work. Many people start doing something else when the time comes by making a timetable and thinking that they will do their studies later. Maybe you can study later. But it should not be so. In such a situation, there will be no value to your Time Table. You will gradually stop giving the value of Time Table. So be disciplined – How to study online

3. Take a Break:

Since you should know that looking at the computer or mobile screen for a long time causes damage to our eyes. Therefore, take small breaks while studying online. This will give relief to your eyes as well as you will also feel energetic. Due to this, you will be able to work hard in your studies. You can take a walk on the balcony etc. or drink water in the break. But don’t get stuck in any other work and be disciplined.

4. Create Notes:

Read as much online. Make notes of it too. You have to follow these tips everywhere. Whether studying online or in an offline classroom. Our heads always used to say that man is a forgetful creature. This means we humans are not able to remember anything for a long time. That’s why notes are made. Otherwise, studies would have been done only by speaking and understanding. It is important to understand but we can also forget it. That’s why we make notes. So that it can be useful in the future. Similarly, you have to do online studies also. So that before the exam, you can revise the notes. Notes you can do in any copy. Or you can also use Text Editor on your computer or mobile.

Benefits of Studying Online.

Suppose you are thinking of studying online. Then you must read about the benefits of online studies. Well, there are many benefits of studying online. But here we will know the significant advantages. To save time. – How to study online

1. Convenient:
The most significant advantage of studying online is that online learning is convenient. You can do this from anywhere and anytime. I know you must have liked this advantage more. Because to study with this you do not need to go anywhere prepared. You can also attend online classes while eating and drinking from home.

2. Availability:
Online education is available 24 hours a day. You can study anytime using the Learning Application. Online education is always public, even if the storm comes.

3. Time Savings:
Studying online saves you precious time. Whereas for offline studies, many kilometers away had to come again. But now you can make good use of that time. Because now you don’t have to go anywhere – How to study online

4. Quality Learning:
Most of the online educational portal is private. The purpose of which is to earn profit. Therefore, more attention is Paid to selling and preparing courses. But if you will study from the right learning portal. Then only and only your profit will be there. Some outlets are entirely free. The portal we have mentioned above. They all provide quality education. Suppose you want to crack any exam. Then Unacademy is better for you.

Disadvantages of Online Studies.

Suppose you are thinking of studying online. Then once read about its disadvantages also. So that later you will not have any problem. A lot of people are going from above to read this article. Start studying online without knowing the disadvantages of online studies. Later they said that online studies were not suitable for me and that my money was wasted. – How to study online

1. Lack of discipline:
The most significant disadvantage of online studies, in my opinion. There is a lack of discipline in online examinations. Many people also attend classes from their laptops and play games like PubG on mobile. That’s why to say that due to online studies, student discipline is getting destroyed. It will not be wrong because there is no one to stop, interrupt or scold you in online studies if you are thinking of making your children study online. Then it would help if you stayed with him till you learn so that your children study in the discipline.

2. No direct contact with the teacher:
There is indeed no direct contact with the teacher in online studies. You can talk to them only by Call, Message, or Webinar, not face-to-face, because the teacher is from somewhere else, and you may be from somewhere else; your teacher may be from outside your country. That’s why you may not be comfortable asking your doubts.

3. Lack of Practicals:
Let us tell you that you cannot do practical with a trainer in online studies. Online studies can only be theoretical.

4. Bad effect on health:
Online studies have a horrible effect on health. Today’s children are already engaged on the phone throughout the day. You don’t even have to go outside to study from above. Due to this, the children do not move. It adversely affects their health. Along with this, there may be a problem with the eyes. Apart from this, issues like body pain and headache can also occur.


The trend of online education has increased rapidly with the Corona conflict. Online education has proved to be a boon in this lockdown. If there was no online education, then the future of the students could be in danger. Therefore, adopting online studies can be the right decision. I am not saying that offline classroom education is not correct. Both are right in their place. But I feel that in the digital age, we should give importance to digital education.

Some people think that online education is only for higher education. But it’s not like that. You can also make your children study the lowest education online. We have described all the ways above. All that has been told is the basis of the analysis. So I hope you liked the methods mentioned above. Also, you must have understood what online education is and how to study online. How did you like this informative article? Do tell us your thoughts. You can do anything with a comment. Share this with your friends also.

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