How to Get Rid of Painful Past Memories

Are You Interested To Know That How to Get Rid of Painful Past Memories?

How to Get Rid of Painful Past Memories?

I think that we have endless capabilities inside of us that we may use to attain any big aim. Friends, life is not a level road; many accidents occur while walking on it that we do not want to happen to us. The incident has passed, but its recollection lives on in our minds and continues to bother us.

What does neuroscience research say:

According to neuroscience research, recalling the tragic events of the past in your memory causes as much brain damage as a car accident and causes harm to the head. We’re having a lot of problems as a result of this traumatic memory.

Problems You May Face:

  • As a result, we live in a state of tension.
  • Lives in Fear
  • They may even experience depression at times.
  • We are unable to realize our full potential.
  • Our minds are not in the mood to work.
  • Many times, bad energy builds up to the point that we get unwell.

Let’s look at it through the lens of a story:

A girl came to me a while back, unhappy because she hadn’t been able to sleep for 10 nights. Along with this, she had many other issues; she was on medications for depression and anxiety, and her self-esteem was so low that she couldn’t meet anybody.

When I first began counseling him, I had the impression that she had some traumatic memories. Some of these things occurred to her, and her recollection of them is still retained in her brain. So I took two horrible memories and eliminated them, and a miracle occurred as a result of this.

Within 24 hours, her sleep returned to normal, and she missed her medications within a week. So, guys, today I’d want to teach you three mind power methods that will allow you to let go of any bad memories from your past and utilize your full potential.

1. Learn from Your Past Experiences

Friends, whatever is occurring to you is not punishment; it is a message from the universe to you, and the message is disguised in it. There is a lesson concealed in this for you, but you will refuse to learn it if you refuse to accept the message.

As a result, this event is permanently preserved in your memory, allowing you to pay attention to it and learn from it. What should you do now? You must ask yourself, “What can I learn from whatever accident occurred to me?”

2. We must express our emotions

Every emotion/memory has just one goal: to make you experience it. Consider a chamber that is completely enclosed on all sides. You shut all the doors and windows and begin burning a piece of paper in them. What will happen then? Inside, all of the smoke will be confined.

The same thing occurs to us, regardless of our feelings or bad emotions, whether worry, fear or rage. As long as they dwell in our bodies and we refuse to experience them, then these feelings, this negative energy, become ours. It becomes trapped in the body in the same manner as smoke does in a confined environment.

But as soon as we accept these sensations and memories and begin experiencing and seeing them, these feelings slowly begin to emerge from our bodies, all the doors and windows open, and all the imprisoned negative energy emerges. It passes away, and we are no longer in agony.

3. Neuro Linguistic Programming

According to Neuro Linguistic Programming, whatever emotion or traumatic memory we experience originates from either a picture or a sound. Friends, it is your feeling that concerns you, not any visual or auditory information.

There are two types of NLP.

  1. image healing
  2. sound healing

I’ll go through it again in another blog.


So these are some ways through which you can forget your past, hope you must have liked this article, if you think this article is helpful then you can share it with your close ones, thank you.

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