What is The Best Way to find your life purpose and passion?

How to Find life purpose

Find your life purpose and Passion

Do you want to live a life where you feel lost? Even after obtaining everything or achieving success, you may feel an emptiness inside you. You will be referred to as a success by the rest of the world, yet you are a failure inside yourself.

According to one study, 95% of individuals are dissatisfied with their jobs. They all spend eight hours a day in places they don’t want to be, with people they don’t want to be with, and doing activities they don’t care about. This is because they are at a loss for what to do. It suggests that they are unsure about their purpose.
Today, 25–30% of the wealthy are either taking depression medications or have suffered depression at some point in their lives.

How Important Is It To Find Life’s PURPOSE & GOALS?

After all, why are you looking for your purpose? Today I will explain why this is the case. Along with this, you will understand how to discover your purpose and how to match it with the task you are performing. So, folks, let’s get started.

When God sent us to this world, he assigned us certain jobs and some goals that we must accomplish while here. We will not perform that work as long as we do not strive to have those experiences or do that job; until then, we will sense an emptiness inside ourselves.

We will recognize that we have done nothing until then; therefore, our goal is to locate that purpose and begin living it. In other words, if I say this, it indicates that “we have a yearning for nectar here, and no amount of tap water we drink can satiate our hunger.”

You’ve probably seen that many individuals do the same thing, but one person does it very well. The person who performs that task extraordinarily well is the one who has matched his work with his purpose.

Let’s Understand it Better:

“Cassius Clay” or “Muhammad Ali” was a straightforward boxer. However, he united his boxing with his purpose. They identified it with a large purpose, and that purpose was to have the same proportion of white people as black people in America.

Due to the apartheid approach at the time, black people faced discrimination. But Ali wanted equal rights for himself, and boxing was part of that objective. When he united his effort with his purity, the universe’s strength came to him to assist him.

Because of this, he had the power, energy, passion, and rhythm in his boxing to do great things. Such instances abound throughout the globe.

Let me give you an example: a youngster working in a barbershop who subsequently became famous as “Mohammed Rafi.”

That Marconi, whom others first labeled as mad and even advised him to seek mental care, was the man who developed radio and ushered in a global revolution.

I’d like to suggest that you start looking for your purpose. Nothing is impossible in this masterpiece. Now I’ll teach you how to discover your purpose.

Let’s understand how we can find our lives purpose.

For this, you will have to sit in isolation at any moment, and at that time, keep in mind that there should be no distractions present to divert you. Sit with a piece of paper and ask yourself, “Why have I come to this earth?”

What does the universe demand from me? What things do I have to accomplish so that I, my family, and this planet can feel proud of ourselves? Your subconscious mind may not give you any response on the first day, and it may not answer you even on the second day, but when you keep trying, again and again, you will notice that one day you will obtain the answer.

For that, you should not do this; if your purpose is music, then leave everything behind and go after music. Initially, you do not have to do this, after some time, you may pursue your passion entirely when your mind gets completely safe for it.
But initially, you may take at least 15 minutes out of your day for that reason. If your subconscious delivers this response that you have to help the needy, then it is not required that you become a billionaire or “Bill Gates.”

Whatever you have for this, you may work from 1–10 rupees. Somewhere, you may provide money, or you can make a gift online to any charity trust.


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