Boost Your Confidence By These 6 Newest Real Life Stories. focuszon

Boost Your Confidence By These 6 Newest Real Life Stories.


To be successful in the world, have confidence. It is very important. This confidence can also completely immerse you in life. Yes, you read that right. Confidence can be overwhelming at times. But it is true. Let us first understand this with an example. You look at some crazy person. He has the most confidence. A madman, if he considers himself the Prime Minister of the country. So no one can shake his faith. If the Prime Minister of the country too, come in front of him and say. Prime Minister it is not me. Even then he would not agree. His trust, which is sure in himself. He is the prime minister of this country. Even a terrorist has complete faith in himself. That’s when he does all the wrong things. Duryodhana did not lack confidence. Duryodhana’s self-confidence never allowed him to come on the right path. Because he always thought he was right. The confidence of a person with such qualities. Will lead him to the dark side. Because that’s what they think. That’s right. The self-confidence of a person with the same virtue will take him to the heights.g

Motivational Story Focusszon
                 Motivational Story Focusszon

How To Boost Confidence

Actually the knowledge that Shri Krishna has given. There is a specialty in it. Shri Krishna never chose a shortcut. Learn from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. So let’s talk about eliminating that problem from the root. Not from above and above. Just say, Arjun, you can do it. But no, Shri Krishna cleared every doubt of Arjuna. Rooted out the problem.

 To increase your confidence. You must read these six stories. This is a lesson for you. Which you bring into your life. You can increase your confidence manifold.

 First Story 

A laborer found an unclaimed bag in a crowded market. The worker opened the bag and saw. The pouch was filled with 25 gold coins. Then the worker heard the voice of a man. The man said I have lost my bag. Whoever finds him will find it. I will reward him. The laborer was poor but honest. The laborer said, handing over the bag to the man. Here is your bag. As soon as the bag came in hand, the man’s faith was shaken. The man thought that the bag had been found. What’s the use of rewarding now? The man started leaving without giving the reward. Then the laborer said to the man that for two days, I have not eaten anything. No work was found. You talked about giving a reward. If possible, give some food to eat only. Man

 Said – stop! Let the coins count first, whether they are full or not. Counting the coins, the man said – there are only 25 coins in this. I had put 50 gold coins in it. You have already stolen half the coins. There is no shame now, in asking for the reward. Runaway from here, or else I will call the soldiers. The worker said – then call. Which soldiers am I afraid of? I returned the bag the way I got it.

      In this, the soldier standing nearby listened to everything. The soldier said don’t panic. The king himself will decide this. The man said a lot, why bother the king for such a small matter. The man was terrified. But the worker did not panic in the slightest. The laborer started saying, let the king take this decision. Despite the man’s nostalgia, the soldier took both of them to the king.

       The king listened to both of them. The king understood everything. The king decided and said, ‘You had 50 coins in your bag. Whereas the bag found by the worker has only 25 coins. This means that the bag which the worker got. She is not yours. Because of the bag that the worker got. He has no heir. Therefore, I order half the amount to be deposited in the state treasury. I give the remaining half of the amount to the laborer as a reward. The worker was honest. So he was not afraid to go to the king. His confidence did not waver. The same liar Seth was panicking. Because he was wrong.

 Second story 

The thing is a bit old. At that time there were no mobile phones. This story is about a young man named Prashant. He was very hardworking, honest, and cheerful. He used to handle the accounts with a lawyer. That is, he was an accountant. One day Prashant went to a PCO booth. He dialed a number. Somebody picked up the phone. Prashant said- Hello sir, my friend has given me this number. My friend told me. You need an accountant. I am an accountant. Would you like me to have an accountant with you? A voice came from the other side. We already have an accountant here. We do not need any other account. Prashant said- Sir, I am a hardworking and honest person. Give me a chance and see. I will not disappoint you. Which you give money to your account. With half that money, I am ready to work. But a voice came from the other side. It’s not about money. The account I have. I am happy with his work. Prashant insisted again. Sir, I will do other work along with the account. Like bringing vegetables from the market. Dropping children off school etc. But a voice came from the other side. We do not need an accountant. Saying this he hung up the phone.

      The PCO booth from which Prashant was calling. The shopkeeper said that if you are ready to work for less money. So I fired my accountant. I can keep you To this Prashant said – Thank you for your cooperation. But I don’t need a job. The shopkeeper asked in surprise – but just now, you were pleading for the job. You are getting a job, so you are showing tantrums. Prashant said with great humility – you are misunderstanding me. I don’t need a job.

      I was testing my work. I called up those lawyers. where I work. I just wanted to know this. Lawyer sir is my work happy or not. At least it got to know. I am doing my job properly.

 In the 47th verse of the 18th chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna explains – Even if you are not able to do your Swadharma properly. From the svadharma of the stranger, he is superior. That’s why the first step is to get confidence. Do your duties well. Do not fall into vain thinking by looking at others. You must mean by your karma. Your competition is with you, not with the other. So by comparing yourself with someone else. Don’t insult yourself.

Third Story 

An ordinary man, somehow, became the king of a kingdom. This king was curious. He wanted to know. After all, what all the other kings have done to date. The king asked his advisor. So the advisor brought a lot of books and gave them. Told the king that whatever all the kings of today have done. It is recorded in these books. Seeing so many books, the king said. I don’t have that much time. I can read all of these. You do one thing. Bring the biography of each king in a nutshell. I’ll read it.

      A few years later, the king’s advisor did so. He brought the biography of all the kings in a nutshell. It was equivalent to about 10 books. Seeing this the king started saying. I don’t even have that much time. I can’t read that many pages. Get it written down more briefly. Now consultant again a few years later. In just 4 books, got everything written down. The king again said that I am so old now. I can’t even read all of this. Maybe So write it down and bring it down. Now after some time, the consultant brought everything down in one line.

     Now the king was very near to death. He could not even hear. The advisor repeated that line several times in the ears of the king. But the king could not understand now. Shortly after, the king gave up his life. Would like to know what was written in that line. It was written in it – All kings were born, ruled, and died.

 We all lose our confidence. When we see an expensive mobile, car, or house near someone. In verse 16 of the second chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna says

 Falsehood does not exist and truth always exists. This conclusion about truth and falsehood has been known by the wise. That is, who has expensive mobile, a house. They will all end one day. That is untrue. Only the soul and the Supreme Soul are true. Do not panic at all when you see good and expensive things with others. We have all come to the world. Will live and die. Remember, except the soul and the Supreme Soul, all are perishable.

Fourth Story 

It was a very luxurious hotel. A swimming pool has been built in the hotel. Very beautiful tiles were installed in front of the swimming pool. But by mistake, the repairman forgot to lay the tiles in one place. Now whoever comes to the hotel. His attention turned to the beauty of the hotel. He would look at the beauty of the hotel with great care and also admire it. Only then would his eyes go on those missing tiles. Then his attention would be stuck there. After seeing the missing tiles, one cannot see any other beauty. While leaving, each person would make only one complaint. That tile is missing.

      Among the thousands of tiles, only one tile would dominate his mind. From there no one goes happy. It was not the fault of the mechanic. This was used. By psychologists who proved it. That we all focus on our shortcomings. If a mother has two children. One of them has gone abroad. So all the attention of the mother. Only the child from abroad will remain. You have 32 teeth in your mouth. One broke. Your tongue will be touching the broken tooth the entire time. Our mind is not stable at all. Our mind runs towards that. which we did not get.

 In the seventh verse of the sixth chapter of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna says One who has conquered his mind. He sees cold and heat, happiness and sorrow, honor and respect alike. By thinking about your shortcomings and your misery. We reduce our confidence. We should learn to accept both happiness and sorrow with equal gusto.

Fifth Story

This is a true story. Bill Gates, is the richest man in the world. But in this story, this rich man is not the hero. Rather the hero in this story is someone else. Once someone asked Bill Gates. Is there anyone richer than you? Bill Gates said I know a man. He is richer than me. Bill Gates told me when he was nothing. He didn’t have any money. Then he went to a newspaper seller. At that time, Bill Gates did not have money to pay him.

       At that time, the newspaperman gave the newspaper to Bill Gates for free. Then two months later, Bill Gates again passed through that newspaperman. On refusing Bill Gates lakhs. This time also he gave the newspaper free of cost. After 19 years of this incident, Bill Gates again met that newspaperman. Then he had become very rich. Bill Gates asked this person. Do you know me? Then the newspaper seller said. You are the richest man in the world. Bill Gates asked, do you remember? You helped me twice. That too when I was nothing. The newspaperman shook his head and said, I remember.

      Bill Gates said, tell me what should I do for you. You ask for anything I can give you anything. The newspaperman said, Sir, I helped you. When I was poor. Today you will help me by being the richest. So what will you help? I didn’t have it, still gave it to you. Not given out of the desire to get something.

 The truth is that when we give anything to charity. With no hope of getting anything. Even then our confidence increases. Shri Krishna has also given the same lesson in the 20th verse of the 17th chapter of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Sixth Story

A girl got married. The girl was very religious. She used to worship and donate every day. But her husband is only engaged in earning money. Whenever this girl asks her husband to worship and donate. Her husband always says so. What’s the hurry, it’s still a long time.

       One day the husband of this woman fell ill. The doctor gave him medicine. But the wife did not give medicine to the husband. When the husband asked for medicine. So said the wife. What’s the hurry, it’s still a long time. The husband shouted. Will you give me medicine after my death? The wife said, so after you die, will you worship and donate. Husband understood everything. Any day of our life can be the last day. Whatever you want to do, do it today.

      When we put things off. Somewhere we fall in our own eyes. Lose your confidence. In the 28th verse of the 18th chapter of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna has called the lazy person tamasik. Apart from this, by meditating, and having unwavering faith in God, our confidence increases.


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