How To Be Peaceful and Happy in Any Critical Situation.

Best Way To Be Peaceful and Happy in Any Critical Situation

How To Be Peaceful and Happy in Any Critical Situation

In today’s world, instead of helping another guy in need, one man is busy biting him. If we want to be quiet and joyful, we must awaken the sleeping humanity inside us and confront it.

Today, my advice through this blog article is to move ahead, but not so far that you fall behind. You must obtain riches, money, and property, but not so much that you have to sell your parents’ happiness and make your parents weep.

Maintain the speed of life so that Ghalib’s adversaries move ahead but no friends are left behind. It is not essential to reveal my identity, but what I am about to say today is critical. I was traveling through Connaught Place in Delhi in the afternoon when the event occurred.

Then I saw a large gathering and became fascinated; upon closer inspection, I discovered that the renowned T.V. An anchor from the station was polling the people on how the administration was working. Everyone dropped everything and acted as though a cup of nectar was being delivered.

At the same moment, 100 meters away, an elderly guy was clutching a stick in one hand and several packets of ear cleaner in the other. He was very elderly, yet he stood with sticks for 3 minutes. He was attempting to walk forward but was unable to do so; his hands and feet were shaking, and his whole body was shivering.

He had also placed a heavy eyeglass on his eyes, and his state was as if he had tied my feet as well. I assumed the actor was a beggar, but I was mistaken. I couldn’t stay away from him after seeing his predicament, so I approached him and placed $200 in his hands.

Mother never let us weep throughout our lives, but tonight we are making the same mother cry with bloody tears. What is the point of having such prosperity if there is no respect for the elders? Today, I’d like to pose a question to all of you: Is this the future of the elderly? That he should suffer, that he should stop the torrent of tears in his eyes, that he should keep it buried in his eyes.

Remember, no one remains on this planet, and if anybody is helpless, it is this planet. “The earth has damaged hundreds of individuals who used to believe the world couldn’t carry on without them,” I noticed scrawled near a graveyard.

“We shall all have to be elderly and helpless one day,” says the terrible reality. If we set a good example for our loved ones, this narrative will be replayed for us as well. How close are we to being done with the impairment of vision now that we have gotten so short-sighted?

We only see what is close to us, and in this day and age, all of us young people see pleasure and delight everywhere. “Don’t even live under the idea that I am extremely strong; everything will be well with me, no matter what I do,” we say nowadays.

You cannot be stronger than time, no matter how powerful you are, for Alexander, who conquered the globe, was also vanquished by time and death. There is a myth about Alexander’s mother visiting his tomb after his death and telling him to rise, “the O great conqueror, Alexander.”

Mother, which Alexander are you talking about, where you don’t know how many Alexanders are resting in the lap of death? “How can a global conqueror be a winner if he has not defeated his death”?

Moral of The Story:

That is to say, that blessing will come in everyone’s life when he has to be weak, but only our acts will be valuable to us, for which you have accepted the elders’ blessings. Friends, remember that our children do not learn from our words or the information we provide; they learn.

What actions do we take for our seniors based on the actions we take for our elders? What do we do to care for our elders? They pick up on the example we set for them. If they see that large people are being disrespected, they will do the same to us.

Today, our nation has made amazing strides; we have created large computers, constructed large buildings, and made wonderful discoveries; nevertheless, we have entirely lost the values that shape our lives and character.

Friends, I’d want to return to the same Connaught-Place event where thousands of people were going in front of the throng to gain a spot on TV or camera while one-half of the people were also aiding that elderly guy.

A friend of mine said that several old-age facilities have opened recently, and their number is growing by the day. I said you’re just presenting half the story; how many similar mansions are there in the world today? where individuals live in their own homes, similar to an old-age home?

His daughter-in-law does not have even 2 minutes to speak to him. Friends, in today’s mobile age, T.V. She may spend a whole day on Whatsapp and Facebook, but simply chatting with her elders for two minutes seems like a waste of her time.

But we don’t realize they have more experience than us; if we chat with them for even 2 minutes, they will fix our issues, which will make them happy, and they will believe that my daughter and son are theirs. How much do you value it?

Friends, I hope that my blog article can ignite some hearts, even if just for a few seconds. It might be my delusion, but everyone in this world has the right to dream lovely dreams with open eyes.

I know that nowadays there is a strong wall in people’s hearts, which is why their feelings are so low, but I think that this wall is still fresh, and my words will undoubtedly touch your heart by breaking through it.

Subscribe to my blog and share this blog post so that it reaches every nook and cranny of the nation and no mother or father goes to bed hungry. Friends, there is a mission for every one of you: what will you do for an old or defenseless person after reading this blog post? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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