15 Time Management Productivity Tpis - Focuszon

15 Time Management Productivity Tpis – Focuszon

Figure out 15 Tips, how to appropriately utilize time?

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1. Keep a Log Book of Time

This is the first and most important step to utilizing time properly. Since you will know that time is most precious. Because if health is lost, then it can be regenerated. Money is lost, then you can earn again. But it’s time. Whoever loses at the same time does not get back. So the way we budget our money. So that we can know where our money is being spent. Similarly, time should also be budgeted. So that we can know where our time is being spent.

Take a pen and diary to budget the time. In a diary for a week, keep a record of how much time you have spent on which work. Drivers call this logbook. In which they write how many kilometers and how long the car has run. This will let you know what tasks you spend your time on and how much. Keep your time logbook as often as you can. You will benefit more. The logbook is to be analyzed at the end of the week.

During the analysis, you will come to know that in which useless things you are wasting your time and which you are giving more. Wherever you feel that you should not spend so much time in this work. Mark them and give less time to that work from next week. That is, deduct time from it. Where do you think this work is important? It needs to give more time. Then make good use of the time cut in that important work. This is how you walk the path of success.

2. Create Economic Goals

If you have time but if you don’t have any goal. In such a situation, all your time will be wasted on useless things. That’s why such people never succeed. If you want to be successful. Then you must have a goal. Because without having a goal, you Don’t know where you want to go. Like if you are going for a trip. Then you must know where you want to go. Only then will you be able to reach your destination. But if you don’t know. Then you will not even be able to decide the direction of your destination and you will go astray. That’s how people get failure.

There are also two types of goals. The first is the general goal and the second is the definite goal. Common goals are something like this. As; I will work harder, I will study more, I will study now, I will increase my ability, I will increase my efficiency, and so on. Whereas definite goals are something like this. As; I will study for four hours every day, I will work for eight hours, I will be a teacher, and so on. A definite goal is clear what and how we have to do it. The clear goal. Chances of being successful will also be higher.

Note:- You must have a goal. On which you can invest your valuable time.

3. Do important things first

If you ask any such unsuccessful person the reason for your failure. Whose friends have been successful. While both started together. Then most of them say that they did not get time. But this is not the whole truth, that’s why we are saying this. Because no one gets more or less time. Everyone gets only 24 hours a day. How do we use that time? Depends on whether we will succeed or fail.

Most of us have such a routine that we work hard. Doing something or the other throughout the day. What comes in front. start doing it. Due to this, our time is wasted doing these things. Most people are not able to do their important work because of this. Because they spend their time doing unimportant tasks. But remember that success comes from doing important things, not from doing unimportant things.

Therefore, it is necessary to do important work to get success. Therefore, give priority to important tasks in your daily routine. So that you can move towards success. Even after doing important work, time is saved. Then focus on the unimportant tasks. But don’t waste your time. What will be your important work? It depends on your goal. Like if you want to become a musician. Then your important task will be to learn music. Now if you don’t get time to do your important work. Then do the important thing first.

4. Use Travel Time

Successful people don’t want to waste even a little time. They use the smallest moment for some useful work. The entire routine of a successful person is focused on doing important tasks. Since travel is an important part of our life. Today everyone travels a lot and loves to travel. The work of some people is that of traveling. like salesman. For your information, let us tell you that the journey takes a lot of time. But if successful people travel.

Then they also use this time to do good work. Whereas common people sit with their hands on their hands. But now you don’t have to do that. You can read nothing but books and increase your knowledge level while traveling. Mahatma Gandhi used to sleep while traveling. to be fresh. You get a lot of time in traveling. Which you can use to do valuable work. So don’t let it go to waste like this.

5. Work in Your Prime Time

There is also such a time in 24 hours of the whole day. When our energy, enthusiasm, efficiency, and thought power are more than the rest of the time. This time is called Prime Time. At this time we can do any work faster and better than the rest of the time. The prime time of most people is morning time. When they complete big tasks in a matter of seconds. But some people may find themselves feeling more energy, enthusiasm, efficiency, and thought power in the afternoon or even evening than at other times.

When is your prime time? It is not important, but important is to recognize your prime time. If you know when is your prime time. Then you can use that time to do your important and difficult tasks. Successful people make full use of this time. At this time, you should also do your most important work. So that your work can be done quickly and efficiently. Make good use of Prime Time. Don’t waste your time doing unimportant things.

6. Organize yourself

Chaotic life plays an important role in wasting time. So we should organize ourselves. If you keep yourself organized. Then your life and routine will also be organized. Due to a systematic life, you will be able to make good use of time. The most common example of clutter is not getting “the things you need on time”. Often due to haste or laziness, we do not keep any item in its right place when that item is needed. Then we start looking for him all over the house.

In which a lot of our time is wasted. This problem is seen in almost everyone. Some are more chaotic, some are a little less. But if you want to save time. I want to make good use of my time. Then you should lead a settled life. In an orderly life, we ​​have to keep anything in its right place. So that it can be easily found when needed.

7. Create Time Table

To prevent wastage of time and to fulfill your goal, it is necessary to make a timetable. Time Table is a kind of plan. Which tells us where to spend our time. Time Table is like a logbook. Just from the logbook, it is known where our time is being spent. Whereas with the Time Table, we set how much time we have to spend on which work. Time Table can be of two types. First short timetable and second full timetable.

In a concise timetable, the plan is made only for a particular task. So that particular work can be done in a planned manner. As per the plan, any work is done quickly and in a better way. Example of a concise timetable; I will do this work from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm. In such a timetable, there is no room for other tasks. A concise timetable is easy to make and follow. Mostly it is used for planning business work.

Whereas in the complete timetable the whole day is planned. In which where and how much we will give our time. It is told. You can make the complete timetable as per your requirement. An example of a complete timetable would be as follows-

time work
Waking up 6-6:30 in the morning, making tea, doing daily chores
6:30 am-7 am talking to a neighbor, reading a newspaper
7-7:30 am watching TV, news
7:30-8 a.m. Bathing and worshiping
8-9 a.m. Breakfast, getting ready
Go to office 9 am-6 pm
6-7 p.m. resting, watching TV
7-9 p.m. Attending a party, event, or event
9-10 pm watching TV
Have to sleep at 10 pm in the night
Have to do 45 minutes of conversation on mobile throughout the day

8. Set a Deadline

Deadline means last Time limits. We can save a lot of time by using deadlines. This becomes an important reason for getting any work done quickly. If you set a deadline for a task. Then you take that task more seriously. In this way, the work gets completed quickly. In the olden times, a line drawn around the prison was called a deadline. On crossing the prisoners were shot. Similarly, you have to make deadlines for your work. Something like this has to be completed in this amount of time.

You don’t have to kill yourself when you cross the deadline. But you know that this work has to be done for so long. Otherwise, there will be a loss. Then you take that very seriously. Like if you are a salesman and you do some sales. Then you can set a deadline for selling so much in that number of days. You can make your deadline. You just have to see how many days that work can be done and how much time has to be given to him. We can do more work by setting deadlines. Because of this, our career progresses.

There may be a problem in the beginning, but after some time you will start doing the complete work within the deadline. The deadline gives us a clear idea of ​​how long this work has to be completed. Having a clear goal, we can plan that work well. Together they can complete that work within the same time frame.

9. Work on time.

Just as a settled life saves us a lot of time. Similarly, the habit of working on a fixed schedule can also save a lot of time. When you make it a habit to work on time. Then your body also adapts accordingly. Like if you sleep every day at 10 pm. Then at the same time, you automatically start falling asleep. This happens not only in sleep but at any work. So if everyone starts the work at a certain time. Then later on at the same time, you will start doing it on your own.

Neither you will need to think nor will there be any kind of procrastination. Laziness will also reduce. Because by doing this both our body and mind are ready to do that work. If you want to study Then fix a fixed time to study. If you want to exercise. Then also fix a fixed time for exercise. Time Table can be used to decide the time. Also if you will do all the work on time. Then there will be no time gap between different tasks. Due to this, you will be able to make full use of time.

10. Make minimum use of gadgets.

There are many such gadgets nowadays. Who is playing an important role in wasting time. Here we are talking about gadgets like mobiles, computers, TV. Most people’s day is wasted on these things. Children old and young, all people are not untouched by these gadgets. These gadgets are one of the biggest enemies of the time. That’s why we should be careful with these gadgets. Here I am not asking to give up these gadgets. You just need to be careful with them.

What are you going to use them for. Shut it down by doing only those things. Many people turn on the TV to watch for half an hour. But when that half-hour becomes two hours, I do not even know. So try to use these gadgets as little as possible. If doing. Be disciplined then. Some people’s work would have been done on the computer through the Internet. Care should be taken for such people also. Because the internet has a lot of such material available. which attracts us towards us. So be careful with them.

Keep in mind that there is a deadline for these gadgets too. So that you can use these gadgets only up to the prescribed limit. This can save you valuable time. Which can be used for any other important work.

11. Wake up early in the morning

Do you sleep till late in the morning? If yes! Then believe me you are wasting a lot of your time. Some people will say that we do our work or study till late at night. Due to this, we can sleep late at night and as a result sleep till late in the morning. Use night time instead of morning time. How was this time wasted? Instead of sleeping at night, I sleep in the morning. Then for your Kind information, tell you if you get up late in the morning. Then you not only waste time in the morning but your whole day is wasted. How?

When you sleep till late in the morning. Then your headache will start. Because of this, your whole day can be rubbish. The stomach also gets upset due to getting up late. Along with this, you feel laziness throughout the day. Because of this, your mind will be properly engaged in any work throughout the day. But if you wake up early in the morning. Then you feel refreshed. The amount is less in the nocturnal environment. Whereas in the morning it is full of oxygen. At this time we can do any work easily.

These are the times. Which is the prime time for most people. At this time the work gets completed faster than the rest of the time. Also, you feel full of energy throughout the day. The right time to wake up in the morning is one or two hours before the sun rises. Remember this. He who sleeps early wakes up early, has health, intelligence and money.

12. Avoid Laziness

If you want to save time. It’s as much as possible. Want to make the most of it. Then you should avoid laziness. Whenever we sit down to do some important work. Then we don’t feel like doing that work. Will do it later, doing it later, we pass the whole day. This is what is called laziness. Laziness is the main obstacle for a person to being successful. Successful people never work according to their minds. Whatever work has to be done, do it. Because the mind does not want to work hard.

The hallmark of a lazy person is that he does not want to work hard. Such people spend most of their time sleeping. But if you want to make good use of the time. Then you should not be lazy. We also try to control laziness. But it dominates our minds. The main reason for laziness is our food and drink. When you eat more food or oily food. Then there is a decrease in energy and a hindrance in concentration. Due to laziness, we want to finish some work in some way or the other. So that after that he can rest.

Note:- Laziness also comes due to not getting up early in the morning. So make a habit of getting up early in the morning.

13. Avoid procrastination

Postponing today’s work for tomorrow is called procrastination. There can be many reasons for procrastination. Sometimes we are not in the mood, and sometimes the work itself seems difficult. Because of this, we postpone the work to the next day. Procrastination is dangerous from a Time Management point of view. Because due to this we are not able to do the work properly and at the right time. Due to this a lot of time is wasted.

There are people who always postpone work till tomorrow. That is, today’s work is postponed to tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, again the same work is postponed to the next tomorrow. Such people are never successful. Because successful is only the one who works hard and does his work with full dedication. That’s why you should also avoid procrastination. To avoid procrastination, give up laziness, make a timetable, set a deadline, and be disciplined on it.

14. Avoid Bad Addictions

All the people know that bad habits like; Alcohol, cigarettes, Tobacco, etc are bad for health. But very few people know that this bad habit is dangerous for our health as well as our precious time. Today’s youth waste about half an hour smoking cigarettes. Because it only takes five minutes to smoke a cigarette. But it takes time to create its jugaad and atmosphere. Because most of the youth secretly smoke cigarettes. For which they have to go to the paan shop away from home.

While smoking cigarettes there, time passes in conversation with friends. And alcohol is the worst addiction for the time being. Because too much time is wasted drinking alcohol. Even after drinking, a lot of his time is wasted. Because after drinking man is not able to do any work. The next day is also bad. Because there are problems like headaches and hangovers. Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of accidents. If an accident happens, then even more time will be wasted. Together, the money will be charged for the treatment, which is different. So to save time one has to get rid of bad addictions.

15. Focus on the result.

how much time do you work this is not important. Because if you can do any work in 2 hours. But still, it takes 5 hours to do that work. Then it is also a waste of time. In which you are wasting 3 hours. Often employed people do the same. Because they do not mean doing more work, but it means how long they have done. But the successful person’s attention is always focused on the result. Only then do they succeed. Because working long hours doesn’t make any difference. Rather, it just wastes too much time.

Whereas if you focus on the result. Then you will progress in your field. Be it any area. For example, An employee is assigned a task by his boss with a deadline of seven days. Now if that employee can do that work well in 2 days. Then he rises higher in the eyes of his boss. If he gave the right result in such a short time, he can be rewarded or promoted. That’s why it is said that it is not important how much time you have worked, but what is important is the result. So instead of doing it for a long time, focus on the result.

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